Fall Garden Update

Welcome back to the hive.  Things are changing in the last few days.  We are eagerly anticipating rain as we have not any in so long.  We still have to water like crazy.  The lettuce seeds that germinated are struggling along with the prolific, yet tender, chive shoots.  They are coming along, but seem to crave a break from our hot, humid days and evenings.

Below is a photo of the tender, young lettuce plants.  I will need to thin them before long.  There is an art to that and I will show you how my father taught me to do it.  It works every time.


The following photo shows the chive plants that have grown at a pretty fast pace.  These are going to require some very deliberate thinning in a few weeks as well.


I have determined that all the other seeds were just too old.  Nothing else sprouted.  It was very disappointing, but not all together unexpected.   So, back to the drawing board we go.  I do want to have more options in the fall garden, but am a little hesitant to go full throttle.  I am going to stick to using only a couple varieties of lettuces and flat leaf Italian parsley seeds.  I will keep it really simple.  This week will be about finding sources for new seed packets.  I had a little trouble doing so this past summer.  The big box stores are great for some things, but not for unique seed offerings.

That said, there is a terrific little feed and seed store in the neighboring town of Travelers Rest.  TR is just up the road a few miles and chocked full of the most quaint little shops and restaurants.  Poised alongside this picturesque spot is the popular Swamp Rabbit Trail.  If you’re from Upstate South Carolina, you know all about the Swamp Rabbit Trail. If not, check out its homepage.  What a beautiful 21 mile non motorized path that runs from the heart of Greenville along the Reedy River all the way to the middle of Travelers Rest.  For me, a perfect get away on a beautiful autumn day.

Once I wend my way up to TR, I will let you know what I found and catch you up on the hive.  I’d love to hear your stories.   What are you doing to prepare for your fall garden?

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