Welcome to The Gilded Beehive.  I am thrilled that you are here.
This is a little background information on me:
Who?  Kathy Jaynes-Jesus lover choir, member, single’s ministry volunteer
                                   Sister- to my wonderful Patti-my best friend, amazing artist and photographer, aspiring children’s book author and mommy to Molly
                                   Auntie – to the most loveable Mountain Feist Terrier in all of creation
                                   Foodie– my true passion
                                   Gardener–  my outdoor therapy
                                   DIY’er– I refuse to pay anyone to do what I can do for myself
Where?  Greenville, SC (as they say: yeah, that Greenville)
What?  The Gilded Beehive is an amalgamation of my favorite things.  So, some days you’ll find me in the kitchen up to my elbows with my latest creation, the next day puttering and planting a garden, the day after that breathing new life into a tired piece of furniture with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.  You see, there is never a dull moment as my life is a veritable beehive of adventure.  I always have my fingers in oh, so many incredible pies!  And, it is my goal to take you along for the journey.  The ride will always be challenging, fun and productive.  Please make the beehive a routine stop.  I promise that you will leave with something to make your own journey more rewarding.
Why?  My first passion was the piano.  Out of that grew singing.  The next thing I tried was cooking.  Cooking because of necessity, not just for fun.  Our mother went back to work as my sister and I graduated to middle school.  So, each day beginning when I was merely 12 years old, we were left with the responsibility of having dinner well on its way to being finished by the time mother got home from work.  After much instruction from Mother I began my longest running love affair to date; that being with food.  Mother was a fabulous cook.  We lost her to heaven only last December and we miss her terribly.  But, she instilled my passion for cooking and I am eternally grateful.  As a result, I read cookbooks like most people read novels.
I was always a Daddy’s girl.  My dear father was an avid gardener and beekeeper, so I learned to get my hands dirty and appreciate all those hard working little bees at an early age.  To his credit as well, I am a stickler at not spending money when I don’t have to.  That’s one of the reasons that I love to remake old furniture.  It brings me such a sense of accomplishment.  And, it saves so much money.  This blog brings all of those things together and helps me make sense of why I am here.
Where to now?  Admittedly, changing seasons impel me to readjust and reevaluate life around the house.  There are so many things I do because it is a specific time of the year.  Since it’s autumn I have sewn lettuce seeds because the weather is cool enough to not burn the tender leaves, I have begun the ritual of decorating the house inside and out for the holidays, I have put fall inspired food like maple butter baked acorn squash on the menu and I am itching to get outside and refinish my kitchen table because in these parts it is just too hot to do it in the spring and summer.
Chronicling events has never been a priority, but I am learning to record my exploits via photography.  It is a new venture and my sister is showing me the ropes.  She has such a good eye.  Some of the photos you see here will be those that she has thoughtfully styled and snapped.  She is my rock and inspiration.  I am so lucky she is my sister.  She’s my most vocal cheerleader!
I hope that you will visit often finding things that amuse, delight and inspire you.  I want the beehive to be like a favorite long weekend retreat.  A place where you can go to relax, refuel and reflect.  However, unlike your most cherished B & B, no reservations are required.  You can stop by anytime and stay as long as you like.  Make no mistake, you are always welcome at The Gilded Beehive!  Also welcome are your comments and questions, let me know what’s on your mind.  Together we can explore new ways of doing things and learn so much from each other. One thing is for certain, I know that if I can do something, so can you.  I hugely appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.  In the meantime, let’s get buzzing!